GASOLINE – Gas Can ID Sticker Decals

Our Gas Can Stickers are printed on USA made high quality vinyl with an added over-laminate for added durability and longevity.

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Best Seller – Gas Can Identification Stickers & Decals

Knowing the exact contents of a Gas Can has been a problem for so many, for so long. Well, no more. Stickers are simple, easy to use and affordable. We print on a high quality vinyl with a high-tact adhesive. Laminated stickers are best. Therefore, making them last longer. For easy identification we color code the stickers to match the original ZoomiTags. Proper application preparation is IMPORTANT. For best results, ensure that the surface the stickers are being applied to is clean, dry and free of any petroleum residue.

Meet the number #1 selling Gas Can Identification Sticker. Knowing the exact type of fuel in your Gas Can’s has been a problem for so many for so long. Well, no more. ZoomiTags Gas Can Identification Sticker labeling system is simple, easy and affordable. Our Gas Can ID Tags are highly resistant to fuels, ultra-violet rays and micro-organisms.

Regulatory compliance is another consideration. OSHA requires that all liquid filled containers have a label that clearly defines its contents. Also, fuel identification tags adds a very professional look and appearance.

  1. Laminated for durability and longevity
  2. Made from USA made self-adhesive vinyl
  3. 8 Pack – Easy Peel & Stick
  4. OSHA HSC Pictogram & Hazard Icon
  5. 100% Weatherproof & Petroleum Resistant
  6. Digitally Printed & Laminated for extra long life
  7. Sticks to any smooth, clean & dry surface
  8. Each decal measures approximately 1″ x 4″
  9. 100% Made in the USA – by Cascade Graphics in Bend, Oregon
  10. 1 Year Warranty

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