Built out of necessity

Thank you for visiting our e-commerce store, we really appreciate it. ZoomiTags was established in 2008 and is located in Bend, Oregon. ZoomiTags’ Gas-Can ID Tags and Stickers are made by our parent company Cascade GraphicsCascade Graphics, established in 1979, is an Industrial Grand Format Print, Large Format and ScreenPrint Company that serves a multitude of local and regional businesses throughout the western U.S. and even a few international companies.

Majority Owned

ZoomiTags is a woman majority owned small business. ZoomiTags is owned and operated by Cascade Graphics.

Built out of Necessity

The ZoomiTags inventor grew tired of costly repairs to power equipment that required special oil mixed fuels.

Printing Since 1979

C.G. has been in the 'Industrial Print Business' since 1979, one of the longest running businesses in Bend, Oregon.

When Details Matter, Label It

So, What Is In Your Gas Can?

We offer an easy and affordable solution that resolves this question, ‘Gas Can ID Tags’. The average U.S. household possesses four gas can fuel cells. Not knowing what type of fuel is in a gas-can is frustrating. The Solution? ZoomiTags, they are simple, effective and easy to install. They will clearly identify the fuel contents of your gas can fuel containers.

ZoomiTags are further simplified by an ‘Easy Color ID System‘. As an example, all Fuel ID Tags that are colored orange indicate that the contents are a gasoline and oil mix, i.e., MIXED or CHAINSAW. Other fuels, such as DIESEL, are color coded green. We’ve maintained this “Color Coding” throughout our entire product line. All REGULAR fuel/gasoline tags are indicated in RED and so on! Most of our ‘Color Coding’ is recognized internationally.

ZoomiTags will fit most Personal Gas Cans on the Global Market. Most Gas Can fuel cells have either a 1.75″ or a 2.5 threaded fill-port, our ZoomiTags install directly over this opening. We offer two sizes, Small and Large.

Are you in compliance? As of late 2016, OSHA has mandated that all businesses, large and small, must identify ‘any and all containers of liquids’ or risk financial penalty.

Our Fuel ID Tags are made of a high tenacity, low shrink weft, 1,000 denier polyester fabric that has been coated with a thermoplastic alloy. The material and inks are highly resistant to fuels, ultraviolet rays and micro-organisms. Also, the material shows no ill- effects from either heat or cold and will provide years of service life. Our Gas Can tags usually outlast the life of the fuel can.

ZoomiTags are the easiest and most cost-effective way to identify the fuel in all your gas cans. What’s In Your Gas Can?

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